How to Validate Windows with Your Product Key

To validate Windows use the Product Key from the Microsoft COA sticker on the bottom of your laptop. Make sure the Product Key is for the exact version installed on the hard drive. If you are asked to validate Windows during boot up choose Activate Later. Continue to boot into Windows and make sure you have internet access. If you need to install a different wireless card, do this before installing your product key and this process needs internet access.

Activating Windows With Your Product Key

Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Click on START, ALL PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES. Right click Click START, right click on COMPUTER, click on PROPERTIES and near the bottom of the window click on CHANGE PRODUCT KEY link. Re enter your Product Key.

Windows XP

After you have established an internet connection, use the key update utility on the desktop to change the Product Key. Do not turn on Windows Automatic Updates until after you change the key.

Activation Failure

If activation fails you will get a message and icon stating “this is not a valid copy of Windows.”  It will go away as soon as you put in a valid Windows product Key. There are a few reasons why Activation might fail:

1. You are not connected to the internet.

2. The put in the wrong key. The most common mistake is B instead of 8, or visa versa. Make sure you put in the key exactly as is on the COA sticker on your laptop.

3. The key you put in is for a different version of Windows 7. It must be a key for the exact version Windows 7. A Home Basic key will not validate Home Premium or Professional, or visa versa.

4. The key is in use on another computer.