Blank Hard Drives Available

All our blank laptop hard drives are used, refurbished with fully testing, including a full surface test to ensure 100% health of every hard drive. They have been wiped and formatted NTFS. Most come with a caddy, but some do not, so read each individual listing carefully. and rubber guide rails, ready to slot into your laptop so you can install your operating system. The pictures are representative only – the make and model of hard drive varies but will match the specifications stated in the listing.

In order to make a blank hard drive bootable you must first install Windows. Put your Windows or Recovery DVD into the DVD drive and then boot to the DVD drive. Once Windows, or any other operating system, is installed, then the hard drive will be bootable. If you do not have a DVD to install Windows then follow the links to see if we have a hard drive with Windows and drivers preinstalled for your model.

Dell Laptop Blank Hard Drives

HP Laptop Blank Hard Drives

Lenovo ThinkPad Hard Drives